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Odds & Ends...

From time to time we have used parts available for sale. These items have been removed from computers for various reasons, but are still fully functional. We offer these "as is" at extremely low prices. Some new parts are included and marked as such below. Call or   eMail   for appointment to purchase. Items can be shipped via Priority Mail or UPS; ask for arrangements.

Miscellaneous Parts
Item #     Description Price
28 Computer - Compaq Presario Intel, 512mb Memory, 52X CD-RW, WinXP Home SP3, Internet, Modem. Can add DVD, Display and/or ? $125
1 Power Supply 235W ATX model HP-235ATXAK $5
2 Power Supply 250W ATX model ATX-250N (AOpen) Sold
3 Power Supply 235W model SPI-235HP (AOpen) $5
4 Power Supply 400W ATX model ATX-400 New Sold
27 Power Supply 235W ATX model LC-235ATX (L & C) $5
5 Dual 5-1/4" + 3-1/2" Diskette Drive model MD5511-6 (Canon) Very Rare $5
6 5-1/4" Diskette Drive model MF501B-318U (Mitsubishi) $5
10 (5) Diskette Drives 3/1-2" standard (Various Brands) $5 ea
8 (2) Zip Drives PC ATA 100mb (NEC) $10 ea
7 Colorado T-3000 Cartridge Tape Drive (HP) $5
12 CD Drive 52X Read-only model GCR-8523B (LG) $5
13 CD-RW Drive 24x10x40x model LTR-24102B (LiteOn) $10
16 Hard Disk Drive 20gb model WD200 (Western Digital) New Sold
22 Disk Drive 10gb IDE model WD100 (Western Digital) $5
23 425mb IDE model CFS425A (Conner) Hard-to-find replacement for older DOS and Win 3 computers $10
24 425mb IDE model CFS425A (Conner) Hard-to-find replacement for older DOS and Win 3 computers New $35
18 RAID-1 Mirroring IDE Adapter (ISA) Card - Supports up to 4 IDE Disk Drives (Arco) New $10
17 AGP Video Card 32mb model e-TNT2 M64 (nVidia) Sold
26 e-GeForce model MX-4000 64mb PCI Video Card (nVidia) New Sold
14 10Base-T Ethernet Mini-Hub model ETHER-H9+ (Palm Hub) $5
15 Two-Port Parallel Card (for Printers) $5
19 CAT 5e Internet Cross-over Cable RJ-45M/RJ-45M 7' (Beldin) $5
20 Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Sound Card (Creative) $10
21 2-port Serial Port Card IDE (Lava) New $5
9 Telephone Four-Way Switch model RJ12-4 (Canon) New $5
11 Telephone Four-Way Switch model RJ12-4 (Used) $5
25 Ethernet CAT 5e Grey molded 10' Patch Cable (Tripp-Lite) New $5
  ...More Items will be listed later...  
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